The fruits of my labour

I’ve had the chance now to enjoy tomatoes from all the various types I have growing and I thought I’d make a few notes on them.

Fresh Pickings
Fresh pickings

Probably the tomato I am least happy with in flavour is the Yellow Pear heirloom variety. It is a low-acid variety so that probably accounts for the blandish flavour, but its also not very juicy, so its not so exciting to eat. But the colour – they are just lovely. At least they’ve got looks!

Yellow Pear Heirloom Tomatoes
Yellow Pear tomato

The Yellow Pear tomatoes grow in clusters of 6 or 8 fruits. Its a vine-like variety that grows huge, some of mine are over 6 feet tall. I think it will continue to produce until late in the fall.

Stupice Tomatoes
Stupice tomato

Stupice is a very old Czech variety of heirloom tomato and they are tasty little guys. I don’t think there’s anything particularly unusual about them but they are kind of heart-shaped and smaller, but they are early and abundant producers, again going long into the season. The plants for this variety are much more compact.

Black Sea Man Tomato
Black Sea Man tomato

Black Sea Man is a big, meaty tomato. A bit later ripening than the others, but definitely a showstopper. They have a much different red to them – a more burgundy red than orange. They also seem to get that red burgundy on the bottom more than the top. Below is a sliced one, and you can see the motley colouring. Again, a really nice flavourful tomato, great for sandwiches and burgers.

Black Sea Man Tomato
Black Sea Man tomato, sliced