R & R

Penny & Rainman

After two very very hectic weeks of work and work-related commitments, I’m enjoying the beloved porch at my family home on the farm, near Stratford, Ontario. I kind of have the day to myself; my Dad and husband are installing a new fence for the horses (pictured in part above) and they apparently don’t need my help, so Luna and I are hanging out here. I took my Grandma to the farmers’ market this morning (got myself some wild leeks, asparagus, radishes, summer sausage and kielbasa) and tonight I’ll be hanging with my mom for Mother’s Day (unfortunately she has to work all weekend).

The weekend isn’t 100% work free however. I’m prepping to teach a couple workshops next month, with Akimbo — Beginner and Advanced blogging. I’m very excited about it and a little nervous, but as are my Virgoan tendencies I’ll probably be over prepared, which is never a bad thing. I fully recognize that my own blog has been less than stellar of late, but interestingly enough these workshops have become an opportunity to brush up and research methods to keep blogging creative and interesting. It’s also forcing me to climb even further down the rabbit hole that is WordPress, to learn more about the platform in order for me to baptize a whole new congregation into the WordPress religion.

Finally, of note in the photo above is the distinct lack of barn. The farm is undergoing some very serious hardscaping lately. I mentioned a while back that our beloved, 103-year-old barn came down this spring, and along with that the barn bank was removed, and the two large manure tanks were filled in. The new fence for the horses covers territory it didn’t previously (and was also necessary due to some very risky escapes undertaken by the nags last year). The place is looking quite a bit different, and I’m constantly fretting about what will happen in the future, to this chunk of land that has been in my family for 170 years. This place, this 100-acres, is where my heart truly lies.