Dearly neglected

Hello there blog. We just haven’t been finding time for each other lately, have we? It’s not that I’m not doing very interesting things. I’ve got a wedding coming up and so lots of planning and organizing has been happening there. My veggie gardens have expanded and finally the tomatoes have taken off. I’ve already done quite a bit of summer canning, and I plan to do more. I’m even doing some knitting, and I have a bunch of sewing projects on deck too.

Truth be told that each time in the last week I’ve sat down to post, I’ve been battling with WordPress plugins. My WordPress Media Flickr plugin decided to up an quit on me, and I’ve installed and test driven dozens of alternatives in the last couple days, only to become ever more frustrated and pissed off. I haven’t been this frustrated with technology for quite some time — honestly — how hard can it be to create a simple, visual interface that streams in my photos? Apparently it’s very hard. Anyway, I have found a work-around that doesn’t involve plugins whatsoever. So I’m officially back. Oh and I’ve once again been fiddling with the template. This one is rather plain-Jane but I prefer the back end capabilities to others I’ve tried, and it displays header photos very well, and gives me control over that functionality too. Perhaps I can brush up on my HTML and non-existent PHP skills (that’s what fiancés are for, isn’t it?) to spruce things up a bit.

One thing I did get to recently was editing our photos from Newfoundland. Once again we had a fabulous trip — and of course I mentioned already the getting engaged part. Having such a gap between the trip itself and editing the photos however has led to a nice re-living and appreciation of our time there. We have both agreed we’ve seen quite a lot of the island now and that we will likely try to travel to other places for a while. But as I see tweets about icebergs and whale watching come across TweetDeck, I feel the ol’ heartstrings plucked again. Never has a place gotten so under my skin before!

I’m going to try something new here — embedding the slideshow of images instead of posting only a selection of them. Here’s hoping this works. Enjoy!