Our next beer pilgrimage: New Glarus

On our way back from Wabakimi this year Chris and I took the long route home via the south shore of Lake Superior, specifically so we could hit the northern tip of Wisconsin and score some Belgian Red, what Chris calls the best beer he has ever had. It was a marathon drive with really no other destination, so I hoped it was worth my very sore, numb butt. And when I tried it, I swear a chorus of angles sang hallelujah.

We also had picked up a case of their Raspberry Tart, also a fabulous brew. Our friends have suddenly become really close, sidling up for another tasting whenever they get the chance. Supplies are already running low.

So the boys are already planning a road trip for the Thanksgiving weekend. A road trip, because you cannot get this beer outside of Wisconsin and you can bet they will want to load up the trunk for the trip home.

Check out another couple beer worshipers’ recent pilgrimage and you can see what we’re talking about, below. And if you ever get the chance, this alone makes Wisconsin a worthy destination.

Brewing TV – Episode 18: New Glarus Brewing Co. from Brewing TV on Vimeo.