Puppy love

Luna Tuna at 8 months
Cute? Who me? Aw shucks.
Luna Tuna at 8 months
The innocence is a sham. Don't believe those eyes for a second.

We pined for her while we were away. She missed us for about a day and then got over it, ’cause Grama had the treats and filled her bowl! I’m sure she’s well over 80 lbs now. AT 8 MONTHS OLD. I really can’t fathom the idea of her continuing to grow, but it’s a real possibility! And her personality is just so incredibly super awesome. I can’t express how much I missed the loving eyes and happy smile of a devoted canine in the year between Zeus and Luna. And I know I wasn’t sure in the beginning because she was a holy biting terror that tested our patience and resolve to the max. But over the last four months she has transformed into an incredibly friendly dog who loves every single person she meets, and gets along with every single dog she encounters. She is perhaps one of the most well-adjusted pooches out there, and I’m not just being a proud mama.

Zeus, rest his fuzzy soul, was amazing in his own very special way, but I could never just let him go hang out at a dog park (he was a rather insecure fella and always seemed to have to assert himself around others), and I always had to keep a close eye on him in his early years with strangers. Most people assume every Saint Bernard is just like what they see in the movies — super friendly all the time — when he was actually quite protective and somewhat judgmental of strangers on the street. Luna on the other hand, she just loves everyone. This can be problematic at times (80 lbs of wiggly happy puppy dragging you to visit the neighbours, even when they aren’t standing at their doors, takes some patience), but it really makes me happy that she oozes goodwill towards all. Because she is a big black dog with a stumpy tail, and that can be intimidating-looking. But when that butt is wiggling out of control you can’t help but laugh at the cuteness.