Fun times with DOF in video

I joined Vimeo and posted a silly little video Chris took with the new camera. It’s really of nothing. Just the cat on my lap, but I love the shallow depth of field you get with the 50mm lens. And I love how the sound of the TV in the background and the way it reflects off Smokey at the end adds (insert air quotes) drama. Warning — this was shot in HD and it seems to have crashed a few friends’ browsers. Mental note: need to learn how to crunch video for web.


  1. Dan says:

    Where has your blog been all my life? 🙂 I just looked back a few pages, lots of interesting things. I really like your peach salsa recipe and will have to try it next season. I made sour cherry salsa this season and had trouble finding a recipe so I just winged it. I bet the peach salsa recipe would work great for cherries as well. Love the pickled chioggia beets too. I have a few in the crisper still, maybe I will pickle them. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours.

  2. admin says:

    Aww thanks Dan! I just stumbled by yours too, this past weekend! Us cold-climate veggie growers have to stick together! Love the idea of a sour cherry salsa. I’ve never tried anything with sour cherries (I know, I don’t know what I’m missing, do I?).

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