Quickie garden update

Did you hear? The Obamas are going to put a veggie garden on the White House lawn!! Well if they can do it there, who’s to tell me I can’t do it on mine? Posh neighborhood be damned!

I’m just posting a little update that we purchased the lumber to build the raised beds this weekend, and we hope to get around to cutting it up and assembling through the week, and this weekend if the weather cooperates. We had to make a slight change of plans – while I really wanted cedar, and I wanted to avoid pressure treated lumber, we compromised with pine that I’ll have to coat with a sealer. I know, I know, maybe not as eco-friendly as cedar, but its probably easily 5 times cheaper. Cedar was just so prohibitively expensive. We also have upped the bed sizes to 4 x 8 feet (x2) instead of 4 x 6 feet, so I get even more room! I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t be putting Chris to work building me a roadside veggie stand as well.

And finally, today I nailed down a good price for bulk soil delivery. In total I talked to four garden centres, and the best price comes from J. Jenkins & Son, located in Gormley, Ontario (check out their handy soil calculator on their website). We can get up to 11 cubic yards in one truck load, and since the trucking is the majority of the cost, we just might take advantage of a big order and use some of the extra soil in the backyard and to ammend the front gardens. I’m certain we’ll have no trouble using it up. So… in a couple more weeks, I should have some installation shots to share!

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  1. Mama says:

    Maybe you could get Aunt Janet’s Roadside stand as I think she only sells eggs now, when you get those hens you could sell eggs too, maybe I can find you some goats to keep the lawns cut. My redneck kid, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mom

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