Garlic Mojo

By late February, early March, my remaining garlic harvest is usually starting to try to sprout and go soft. I usually try to roast what’s left and freeze it to prevent it from sprouting past its usefulness. This year however, I came across Rick Bayless’s Garlic Mojo (Mojo de Ajo) recipe, which is a simple way to dry roast the garlic and preserve it in the fridge in olive oil, lime juice and salt. The recipe I’ve linked here involves dry roasting the garlic in the oven, but I came across the garlic mojo recipe as part of his mushroom taco video (below), and that’s the way I make it.

I’ve made a few batches of this and have been using it for the last several weeks and it is AMAZING. And as Rick says, it keeps in the fridge for months. It has the sweet, earthy roasted flavour of the garlic right at hand and ready to go when you need it. Use it to roast veggies or add it to any dish that needs fresh garlic.

THIS is how I plan to extend my garlic this fall; I’m going to make it with super fresh garlic after it’s cured in the early autumn because I bet it will be even better when made then.