The lazy mom’s guide to beautiful planters

Hanging baskets become pretty planters
Hanging baskets become pretty planters

Last year I was shopping at a garden centre with my mom and trying to figure out what plants to get for my front porch planters (and vaguely wondering how I’d find the time to plant them, with my then 6 week old baby). And of course my mom being the brilliant lady that she is said, ‘Why don’t you buy some of those hanging baskets that are on sale and put them in the planters?’

Well duh. Genius. This year I’m feeling a little more ambitious with the garden as my kid goes to bed for the night by 7 p.m., leaving me free to putter away for an hour or two of remaining daylight. But hey, if I can buy a basket already beautifully put together by someone else and transfer it into a pot, why not? If you can get them on sale, it’s a great deal and most of the work is done for you!

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  1. Beautiful idea, Sarah! The house looks lovely, btw.

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