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So our move hasn’t gone quite according to plan. We did move one big load of our belongings to the new house on December 7, but the house wasn’t ready for us to live in it yet, so we piled our stuff in the rooms that were finished and turned right around and came back. Our week at the farm as turned into two weeks at the farm, but we’re planning to head to the new house this weekend, if a pending snow storm doesn’t keep us here.

Winter Farm
Snowy farm
Winter Farm
Rainman and Penny

I’ve been taking a bit of load off my Mom and taking care of the horses for her as she has been working — and she works retail and it’s Christmas time, so she’s extra busy at the store. I’ve enjoyed the chores — it’s nice to take care of the animals and gathering up the lone chicken egg that’s usually laid each day (have I mentioned I really want to have my own chickens?).

Winter Farm
Farmhouse with the new arched windows

We helped Mom do some small renos of her own as well —  like taking out the old carpet in the family room and insulating the floor underneath. She was tired of the carpet, and it was about 16-17 years old, capturing lots of dirt, dust, dog hair and other nastiness.

Winter Farm
Harvey loves the snow
Winter Farm

It’s been rather blustery arctic weather around here though — typically in the -10ºC range (plus wind chill) and lots of snow. Not exactly great “hang out outside weather.”

We’re really excited about the house — it’s been a bit of a hurry-up-and-wait scenario, and I’ve lost a great deal of the time I had hoped to be spending settling in before having to work from home next week, but what do you do? These things happen and it’s better if we don’t rush it. Chris unfortunately has lost a week of holidays to mostly sitting around on his butt at the farm but he doesn’t seem to mind. We will have to leave most of our belongings meant for the basement here until another time, which is frustrating because I just want to put my life back together again and not have bits of it strewn all over the province but, again, I’ve been without it for the last 5 months so what difference does it make if it waits a little longer, right? The basement wasn’t yet finished with trim or paint as of last weekend so we returned the trailer we rented and decided to leave it until the new year, at the earliest.

I’ll still have the ability to unpack and sort things out while working from home. Plus there are a few days before Christmas celebrations begin when I can continue to focus on the house.

Winter Farm

I’ll be taking lots of photos of the hopefully finished results once we disseminate the giant piles of boxes that are filling up the main central room, but suffice it to say we’re really thrilled with the results. Hopefully those finishing touches (at least on the main and second floors) will be done by tomorrow!

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  1. Lovely photos, lovely view… but, it does look very, very cold. BURRR! You see, I’m a native Southern Californian. The average temp during the day has been between 55-65 and at night lower. For us that’s super cold. I know… we’re wimps. Thanks again for sharing your experience with the lovely farmhouse …. love the horses.

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