The negligent blogger

I’m still here! Really! Just super crazy insanely busy. Have I mentioned before November is my busiest work month? Throw in the Christmas shopping, home renos and a holiday knitting project list, and well, I’m either running around like a soccer mom or parking my ass in front of the TV with some knitting.

I haven’t even had time to process photos, so this will be a photo-less post.

I am however super stoked to mention that I’ve finally caved and bought myself a new sewing machine! It’s a Baby Lock Grace — a nice, streamlined machine with some great features like 40 programmed stitches, built-in automatic button hole maker, a built-in needle threader, free-arm sewing for things like sleeves, and just general reliability and piece of mind that I can count on. I had taken in my 40-yr-old Singer for repairs; the tension knob continued to give me issues, and the repair guy told me it had seized up. I asked about suggestions for a machine good for quilting, and well, I fell in love with this here little machine.

I’m not giving up completely on the old Singer, it’s getting some TLC, but I’m just tired of wrestling with it constantly whenever I want to do something. It will still be a great back up machine, for straight, simple sewing. Nothing fancy!

As for the home renos, Chris has been working madly up in the attic to prepare it for adding some blow-in insulation, and doing some wiring. It’s hot, messy business, and I am just super glad I’m not up there. I think he’s almost done so that’s great. Not sure when we’ll get to the insulation part, we need good, dry weather, and daylight, that’s getting harder and harder to come by.