Wab video

Wabakimi 2010 from Sarah Mulholland on Vimeo.

This video is just under 25 minutes long; and warning — it may not be of interest to everyone. But it’s a nice memory for the three of us: Mike, Chris and I; and I said I would post it so here it is.

Also I apologize for the windy mic parts, and the parts you can’t really hear my narration. The focus isn’t super sharp most of the time either, because the Canon 7D forces you to film video with the LCD screen, and that can make focusing in bright light a real challenge. We’ve picked up a nifty magnifying eye piece that allows you to hold the camera view screen right up to your eyeball to enable better focusing, but we opted to leave it at home because it added a lot of bulk to the camera equipment.

Stay tuned for some video from a couple months ago of Luna learning to swim. It’s riveting I tell you. Can you tell I recently got my video editing software finally installed?

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  1. Kelly says:

    Since I haven’t had a vacation this summer — AND I am unlikely to ever do a trip like this (your comment “what a brutal day” isn’t a big seller either!) — I did enjoy the opportunity to live vicariously through this video! Cheers.

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