At least I still got all my teeth

I’m well aware I haven’t been posting much lately. Aside from the usual spring gardening busyness and raising a puppy, and the usual end-of-April-beginning-of-May insanity that is my job (be sure to check out next weekend’s GradEx at OCAD), I’ve been spending the last several weeks in the dental chair! Yay!

What was supposed to have been fairly straightforward maintenance on my molars such as cleaning up some pitting, adding some sealing and filling a few small cavities (no freezing required), has morphed into four separate appointments, half a dozen needles and many, many hours tilted upside down in a compromising position. I’ve discovered over the last three weeks that people really don’t like hearing about dental work. So feel free to read no further.

I was hoping to actually be able to show you a photo of the mess that are my wisdom teeth, as my dentist took one of last week’s beauty, but they haven’t yet emailed it to me (yes, I asked for a copy — consider it my version of a medal). Did you know dental x-rays only show you cavities between the teeth? Little did anyone know that my wisdom teeth, looking entirely innocent on the surface, were ballooned with decay inside. Gross, yes. Painful, definitely, at least after they got in there, and by in there I mean so far back that at times it felt like my nose was being picked from the inside. As it stands I now have two of them permanently filled and two of them have medicated, temporary fillings that are supposed to help them get deeper in the tooth to finish the job. YAY! At least now I get some reprieve, at least until June.

The moral of the story here is Parents, have your kids’ wisdom teeth pulled. Just do it. Don’t hum and ha about it. There is nothing to debate here. They’ll thank you in their thirties. Or maybe not, but trust me, it’s the right thing to do. Just think of me with my jaw pried so far open my head is about to pop off, white-knuckling it in the chair, with a dental drill rattling my brain.

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  1. Sandra says:

    ow. ow. ow. I hate dental work and avoid it if possible. I had my wisdom teeth out at around age 18, and that was bad enough.
    oh, and to add to your public service announcement, make sure your kids either have chicken pox early or get the vaccine. I had them in my late twenties, and it was NOT FUN. At. All.

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