In memory

Yesterday marks one year since we said goodbye to our big dog, Zeus. I’ve been thinking about him a lot all week. I can honestly say though, that thinking about him now doesn’t move me to tears quite the way it did for such a long time. I think having Luna in our lives now has led to a great deal of healing.

I put this video together a while ago but I haven’t shared it until now. I’ll warn you — it’s is quite long and probably pretty boring to nearly everyone on the planet except maybe me. I made it with all the video I have of him, which is very poor quality and perhaps not very interesting. I shot most of it just so I could remember him, his sounds, the way he walked, his size, with a small point and shoot camera. Also, I sound like a goof in most of it, speaking doggy-talk and just generally being silly.

We still miss ya big guy; you’ll forever be in our hearts.

Zeus 1997 – 2009 from Sarah Mulholland on Vimeo.


  1. Leanne says:

    very nice sarah

  2. Kelly says:

    How lovely! Happy days with Zeus.

  3. adria says:

    Oh Zeuzy boy. We can never ever forget you! You were a one of a kind lover boy sweatheart! xo adria’n brad

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