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Magnus in the Baby Yoda Sweater
Magnus in the Baby Yoda Sweater

It’s time for a FO! Actually I finished this project quite quickly, back in October, but I didn’t want to post it because it was a Christmas prezzie for my not-so-wee nephew, Magnus (almost four months old). I searched around for a pattern for a baby sweater that would have some room to grow with him, since it’s kind of one of my golden rules to avoid knitting anything too rigid in the way of clothes for kids, because it just doesn’t last. The Baby Yoda Sweater by Cari Luna seemed like the perfect match. Not only is it designed to “grow” with the child, it looks just like Yoda’s robe. How cool is that?

What he really thinks of his new sweater
What he really thinks of it

Now I give kudos to all knitwear designers, because I have trouble writing out instructions for even the simplest of designs, even if I get it straight in my head what I’m doing. It has to do with the whole translation of what I see in 3D in my mind’s eye to written instructions on paper – I get myself all turned around, every time. But I think this design could use some improvements. Firstly, the back and the two front panels are all worked separately and need to be sewn together. And then the sleeves are worked flat and seamed. Overall, I think all the sewing really causes the garment to lose some real estate, and in the end, this sweater, which is supposed to fit up to 6 months, is already too small. Especially in the very narrow sleeves, which I widened at the wrist (but forgot to write down how much).

Baby Yoda Sweater
Baby Yoda Sweater FO

Baby Yoda Sweater details
The Baby Yoda Sweater FO

Anyhoo, it was still a hit and even if it is too tight on Magnus, it will work for another bambino down the road. I do have to say that this was the first time I used the superwash Dream in Color “Classy” which is a delight to knit with, and I just adore this colourway, called “Cocoa Kiss”.

We’re off to Portland and Seattle for the week, so blog posts will be minimal, but I’m sure I’ll have lots of yummy photos when I get back!


  1. Susanne from Canada says:

    looking to make this sweater for the harding twins..thanks for your comments, this is my first project and I want it to be perfect, ahh ha wearable would be nice!!

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