Little dog in a big dog world

Last night we dogsat Bondi, a roughly 7 or 8 (I think) year old Boston Terrier. We were supposed to have him most of the week because our friends’ baby was supposed to have surgery, but the little man has a chest cold and it wasn’t to be. So the little bat-eared dude went home tonight, but not before having a good run hanging out with Zeus and the kitties.

The little dog - Bondi the Boston

Sadly, Bondi is losing his eyesight due to some kind of genetic eye disease I think, but he still plays a mean  game of fetch and he’ll wear you out. He’s pretty good at locating the toy by scent, although he still seems to have a good sense of movement. And to super-size the cute factor, he’s missing a bunch of front teeth, hence the tongue action.

Oh woe is me
The big dog - Zeus the Saint

Bondi and Zeus are fairly indifferent to each other, although Zeus does like to get playful with him when he’s in the mood. We like to tell the story of how when Bondi was a pup and he met Zeus for the first time. He was barely bigger than a sausage, and was really excited, and he kept jumping to grab Zeus’s tail. When the big monster had finally had enough, he just turned around and basically put Bondi in his whole mouth (gently), and then let go. Bondi sat down and just looked at him like “I’ll be good!!”