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I’m slowly building an army of baby vikings. The Baby Viking Helmet I made for Super Cal’s first birthday was such a hit I’ve had a few requests (from the pattern Viking Hat by Becky Veverka). This one, which I created using Mission Falls 1824 wool (in #008 Earth, #015 Putty, #013 Curry and #002 Stone), is for my coworker’s godson, and it was an opportunity for me to perfect my horn alterations, and I think I have them down now. Writing out what I did was terribly painful and tells me I’m probably not destined to become a designer of things knitted. If anyone tries this out and runs into trouble or something in the pattern doesn’t jive, please tell me so I can fix it (both here, and on my Ravelry page). I also need a better hat model (i.e. less lumpy) for photography!

Baby Viking Helmet #2
Baby Viking Helmet #2
Baby Viking Helmet #2
Baby Viking Helmet #2, horn detail

Follow hat making instructions in the original pattern by Becky Veverka (I leave out the earflaps as well).

Directions for my version of the horns (make 2):

  • With gold coloured yarn, CO 24 stitches (using long-tail cast on)
  • Row 1: knit
  • Row 2: switch to cream coloured yarn; knit
  • Row 3 to 11: stockinette stitch
  • Row 12: K18, turn, switch yarn to back, slip stitch from right needle on to left, bring yarn to front, slip stitch back to right needle, P12, turn, bring yarn to front, slip 1 st from right needle to left needle, wrap yarn by bringing to the back, slip stitch back to right needle and knit to end of row.
  • Row 13: Purl
  • Repeat rows 12 and 13 twice more.
  • Row 18: K1, SSK, knit to last three stitches, K2tog, K1
  • Row 19: Purl

Continue decreasing in this way until your last 4 stitches. Draw last four stitches together using needle & thread. Sew up the seam using mattress stitch, drawing it up nice and tight to help shape the horn. Stuff the horns and sew onto hat with gold coloured yarn.


  1. Sylvia says:

    um, I am relatively new to knitting and self taught too. I don’t understand rows 12 and 13. how are you going from 24 sts to 18? am I purling 6 at the end of row 12 and not turning the work to purl 6 more before turning? row 12 just seems to have too many things going on for 24 to 18 sts. help! i’m begging you! i am dying to make this hat!

  2. admin says:

    Hey Sylvia,

    If you’re relatively new to knitting then I’m guessing you’ve never heard of “short row” knitting. It is a technique that helps with shaping. Basically what you’re doing is adding two rows of knitting between a couple other rows of knitting without actually going to each end of row.

    On row 12, you knit only 18 stitches, wrap your yarn AROUND one of those 6 stitches you are NOT knitting, and then turn. By wrapping the stitch, you are making it so that you can purl on the other side without forming any holes at the end of those 18 stitches. Then when you turn and purl those 12 back the other way, you do the same thing — wrap the yarn around one of those 6 stitches at the other end, turn, then knit back to the very end. This creates essentially an extra row each of knitting and purling between a full row.

    It’s kind of hard to explain without showing you but I hope this helps. There is also a video for the technique at

    By adding the three sections of short rows, it gives the horn the curvature shaping that makes it look so great!

    Good luck!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and explain! I have a new little viking – a 6 week old boy, and the knittitng helps keep me sane. Its great I don’t have to shelve this awesome project, I really want to finish it for him! Thanks so much

  4. Thelma says:

    Hello… I’m finally going to make the Baby Viking Hat and use your page of instructions for the horns. I’ve had the yarn (all the suggested yarn) and patterns for years now… at least three, maybe four. I didn’t have a baby boy in my life; I know I could have made it with braids for girls. But, I wanted the cap for a “real man”…. LOL

    I’ve a couple of neighbors that have baby boys, 3-months… and a toddler, around 15 months old. I’m hoping the cap will fit one of them. And, the 3-month old IS of Scandinavian ancestry; his name is Leif (pronounced “life”).

    I’m just reaching out to you because I wanted to alert you… in case I need your help. I’m good at knitting socks…and lacy stuff, but, have never made a cap of this sort.

  5. admin says:

    No worries Thelma! It’s quite easy to make. If anything you might find the “short row” technique a bit weird if you’ve never done it before (this is what gives the horns their curvature). There’s a great video demonstrating the technique at ( — scroll down to “Short Row with Wrap”). I’m going to be traveling for most of July so forgive me if I’m not super quick on responding to comments, but I’ll help when I can!

  6. admin says:

    Oh AND you might also need the Mattress Stitch video for sewing up the horn seams: — scroll down to “Finishing” and look for the video called “Mattress Stitch.”

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