Trading up for a better model

It’s official – I am the proud new owner of a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I actually graduated back in 2000 but at that time, my alma mater, the Ontario College of Art & Design, was offering diplomas. In 2002, they became degree granting, and in 2006 I embarked on the path to an upgrade. This summer I had to undergo a not insignificant surgery (don’t worry, I’m all healthy and good) which had me worried I would be set back by at least six months in finishing (can’t take courses in the fall – way too insanely busy at work), but I managed to squeeze in my last course just in time before going under the knife, after which I spent five weeks recovering.

Today I traded in my old diploma for a shiny new degree. Yippie!!!!!

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  1. D’oh, I should really track down my diploma so I can get my degree too…

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