Hams for Thanksgiving

Haming it up

This was the first time the family was together at the new cottage in Coboconk (I know, I know its hilarious! People who live there call it “Coby”). The kids, Chris’s niece and nephew, were really into hamming it for the camera.

Squishy face
Squishy face

Mr. B is about 2 and a half, and he’s one of the happiest little kids I think I’ve ever met. If he falls, if he runs into something, he just gets back up and keeps on going. Nothing fazes this little guy. I just love this picture of him – its a bit out of focus but its such a perfect capture of his adorable squishy face.


Jia is 4 and she is infatuated with my knitting. She’s too little to figure it out yet but I’ve tried to show her on her own needles a few times. She mimics the motions and turns it all into a tangled mess but I’m encouraged that she’s so into it! When she gets a bit older…

Super boy in big shoes
Mr. B doing laps in mama's shoes

Again, not a perfect shot, but I love the light, the motion and the grin on Mr. B’s face (he’s running around in mama’s shoes).

BIG dog!
Boy, he sure is big.

And this was the first time the kids had really been around Zeus for any length of time. Zeus was in love with them of course, and they were really excited to go see him wherever he was, to help feed him and to pet him. Mr. B was particularly smitten (and Zeus reciprocated of course).


  1. Nat Alea says:

    Just wanted to say I love your pictures and the kids are adorable. Got your blog off of Knitty.com and really have enjoyed reading it(especially the canning parts). Keep up the great work!!!


  2. admin says:

    Thanks so much!

  3. Coboconk!! You know I love saying that…. your nieces & nephews are too cute. Great photos of them!

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