Lots and lots of rain. Finally. Hooray! Just listening to the rain fall outside my office. Giant puddles are forming in the construction site next door. My garden is soaking it up at home. Finally. Maybe those deep cracks in my raised beds will finally close up.

Finally some rain

Over the last week we’ve finally had a decent dose of rain. It’s not enough — we need a lot more — but I won’t complain. Today was a very misty one, and everything is pleasantly coated with little drops of dew. It’s incredibly sticky outside now though, because while we’ve gotten some rain, the…

Finally, some rain

While it’s so early in the growing season that I really don’t have much planted outdoors yet, just some onions, potatoes and garlic that was planted last year, we’ve had virtually drought conditions all winter and early spring. But finally, yesterday, the heavens opened and it’s been pouring ever since. We need at least a…

Welcome to beautiful Cannon Beach!

Actually it was driving rain like you wouldn’t believe, but we had to make a choice for our drive from Portland to Seattle. Go the interior route and try to stop in and have a visit with Mount St. Helens, or go the coastal route and see what we can see. It was New Year’s…

Portland: top picks

I’m working my way through about 6Gs of photos from our trip to Portland and Seattle. Looking at them helps me forget about the travel woes and think back on what I really loved about both cities. Favourites: McMenamin’s Kennedy School: a historic, converted elementary school that opened in 1915 and held classes until 1975….