Wish List: Flash Disc Portable Light Modifier

Part of being lazy with my blog over the last year or two has included being lazy with my photography. I’ve been relying an awful lot on my iPhone to take photos. It’s convenient and always handy, and I don’t have to download or do much, if any, post production. I can just upload my photo straightaway. I blame my job, where I use a DSLR and create video more frequently than I used to, so I feel less inclined to do the work in my personal life. Plus my job just makes for a handy scapegoat.

But then my hubby sends me links to nifty tools that get me kind of excited again. Call me a gear junkie. He’s exactly the same when it comes to back country camping equipment.

The Flash Disc Portable Light Modifier is the most recent gizmo he’s sent me, and I have to admit it looks pretty darn handy and very cool. It’s a portable little soft box you can pop right onto your flash. How cool is that? Christmas is coming…