Dad at Otter Creek, NY
Dad at Otter Creek, NY

A year ago, without warning, I lost my hero: my Dad. I wasn’t ready for him to go. It’s still hard to believe he’s gone.

Miss Vu & Grandpa
My niece and her grampa.

I have a gaping hole in my heart. I had so much more to ask him about, to share with him, to laugh together over.

First Dance
First Dance
Dad & Magoo
My nephew and his Grampa
Dad Diving
Scuba Diver

I miss late nights in the kitchen talking about the latest archeology story he read in National Geographic. I miss his quiet, always working, always tinkering presence around the farm. I miss trail rides where he always managed to squeeze in a nap on horseback. I miss hearing him practicing his banjo upstairs. I miss his scratchy moustache kisses and his big squeeze hugs. I miss being able to ask him to make something for my garden or the house.

That Smile
That Smile
Dad & Us
Dad, me and my brother
Dancing with Harvey
Always Dancing

I try to remember that he wouldn’t want me to dwell on loss, regrets, and what never will be. I try to remember and embody his endless curiosity, inventiveness and willingness to learn, his do-it-yourself attitude, and the boundless joy he found in life, his family and his friends.

Napping with Harley
Floor naps with the dog
Best Friends
Best Friends
Getting to know the locals
Always curious
Dad & Chiachi
Dad & Chiachi
Dad and I
Dad and I, at my brother’s wedding

I miss you Dad. So much.


  1. Sandra says:

    it’s been almost 15 years for me without my Dad – we had the same kind of relationship that you had with your Dad. Wish I could say it gets easier…

  2. Kelly says:

    My dad died 27 years ago and I STILL think of him every day.

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