Hey I made a video

This isn’t the first video I’ve ever made of course, but it is the first I’ve made in my official capacity as OCAD University’s first ever 100% full-time social media staffer, a new position I was hired into about a month ago. I’ll be the first to admit it’s far from polished, perfect or even comprehensively representative of the event, but I’m on a learning curve. I spent only a few hours cutting this together with some pretty rudimentary tools, and, I discovered, not enough variety of footage. I have a colleague who’s job it is to make the really polished stuff; my role involves more grassroots, day-in-the-life, rough-cut kind of material intended to keep our content feeds happily rolling along (with strategic roots in recruitment, student affairs and marketing/communications).

I tend to keep my work life somewhat segregated from what I post over here in my blog, but hey — I’m a whole person, and this what I toil away at in my day job. And frankly, while I’m living in temporary digs with 99% of my life packed into storage, work occupies the majority of my time these days.

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve spent the last 8 years working at OCAD U as a media relations, communications and marketing expert. This work eventually came to encompass social media, and finally the institution invested in a dedicated, full-time position. So this is my new gig, and boy have I got lots of learning to do. It’s fun, it’s just the right mix of web and tech, and it’s strategic communications with some customer service/student experience thrown in for good measure. It’s community-building and it’s story telling. Considering I had a rather mediocre OCAD U student experience myself, I figure I have a lot I can contribute here. And, after 8 years doing the same job, I was more than ready for a new challenge.

That’s it for the shop talk for now!