Hello my neglected little blog.

Where have I been? I’ve been having quite the autumn. For several weeks I felt like I was in an angry, unhappy, depressed, grumpy spiral. I was kind of hating my job (I know, who doesn’t at one time or another?), feeling a bit bored (with no creative projects on the go and no real inspiration to start any) and generally hating the daily grind of living and working in a gritty city like Toronto. It’s a struggle I have periodically wherein I feel stuck — stuck in a topped-out job, stuck in the city, wanting something more fulfilling but not really knowing how to make a significant change.

I was at the end of my rope when a couple of family health-related crises (yes, that’s intended to be plural) over the last week threw everything into perspective again. Without going into any details, everyone is fine and on the mend. The optimist in me recognizes that the whole thing has forcibly jerked me back to a healthier, stronger mental frame of mind.

I’m planning some extended weekends over the next while to give myself some much needed time away from the office to catch up on some stuff around the house, have a cooking day or two when I can stock up on freezer meals for busy days ahead, and to work on some creative projects in prep for the holidays. I cannot wait. I also hope to use some of this time to be closer to my family. I like to believe I’ll be able to add some food content to my blog soon.

In the meantime, I heard about the film The Fruit Hunters on the CBC’s Metro Morning yesterday and the trailer looks fascinating. Despite my love of food, I am the farthest thing from being a fruit junkie, and this documentary is all about being fruit-obsessed. Watching the people featured in the film crack open such exotic foods that I’ve never seen or heard of before has me very curious. It’s screening this weekend in Richmond Hill at the Reel Asian Film Festival. I just might try to check it out.

The Fruit Hunters – Official Trailer : in theaters November 23, 2012 from EyeSteelFilm on Vimeo.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Old John Denver song comes to mind; Some days are diamonds, some days are stones. As long as you keep hunting for diamonds, there’ll always be stones in even the best job.

    I wondered how long it took the creators to find such zealots. Imagine it was the hardest job in the process of making the picture.

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