Hello from Trinity, Trinity Bay, Nfld

I’m on vacation for a few days on the east coast of Newfoundland. We loved the west coast so much last year we decided to come back this year. We flew in to St John’s and rented a car. We caught a show by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider on George St our first night. It was a great show despite the frigid 5 degrees and misty rain!

Yesterday we made our way up to Port Rexton where we stayed at the fabulous Fisher’s Loft Inn; what a beautiful spot! They have gorgeously laid out kitchen gardens terraced along the hillsides, although not much in them yet; it feels more like May with what flowers are in bloom, and I read they got a hard frost here on June 17, so that must make the growing conditions pretty tough.

Tomorrow we hope to see some humpbacks on a whale tour!