Some older Luna video

I’m trying to catch up on some videos that I have saved up. This one is from Valentine’s Day weekend in February, when we took Luna to the cottage for the first time. She was about 10 weeks old here. It’s not overly thrilling video, but she’s super cute, playing in the snow, all little and such. She learned how to take stairs this weekend and I only took a small clip of it. I wish I’d grabbed a bit more, because it became the focus of her weekend, to go upstairs, both sets of stairs, constantly.

Luna goes to the cottage for the first time from Sarah Mulholland on Vimeo.

I was playing around with the exposure settings in iMovie to adjust brightness in the video and now I realize that it’s lead to some artifacting, so please excuse that. Also there’s quite a bit of wind noise that I tried to turn down but it’s still pretty bad. Anyway, enjoy!