Not much exciting to report these days. I had the flu last week so I missed a few days of work, the result being that this week has been plenty busy, to the point that I have nothing, natta, zip, zero, zilch energy when I get home. Not even enough to make a half-assed attempt at cooking dinner. It’s been take-out all week, except for tonight, when Chris made us a nice chicken, broccoli and cheddar soup.

Mr. Magoo playing peekaboo

I was supposed to go to the farm this weekend and I had been really looking forward to it, but after catching the flu bug I decided it was probably best to stay put. These photos were taken of my super cute nephew when I was visiting back in September. So now I’m hoping to go back in a few weeks, around mid-November.

What a little imp, eh?

I’m not sure if its having been sick and had a few days off (it’s no secret I needed a break anyway), but I am terribly burnt out. Work is a constant challenge. Without getting into details I’ll just say that it has been months and months of “transition” between leadership, and it’s not going to be over for at least a few more months. Without any real gardening to speak of to keep me busy, and canning season out of the way, I’m feeling pretty bereft of creativity or inspiration. That seems to apply to everything, including work. I’m doing a little knitting these days but nothing overly exciting.

I know I need a new “project” in my life; I’m just not sure what it should be.