New toy

I got a new toy in the mail the other day…

Redstone Lake, Victoria Day Weekend
Redstone Lake, before and after polarizing filter

I know you can do a lot with regards to polarization in post-production with Photoshop, but I wanted to try out using the real thing. The kit came with three filters; one being the standard skylight UV filter, which I needed an extra of anyway. The other is for balancing indoor lighting (I doubt I’ll use that one much). And then there is this one. Aren’t those spring greens and blue sky just so much more lovely in photo #2?


  1. KT says:

    wow, that’s a big difference. You’d have to apply multiple photoshop filters to get that much difference. I’d say the real thing is the way to go!

  2. Marie says:

    Years ago when I bought my first SLR I bought a polarizing filter and just used it as a protective layer on my lens. I did this with subsequent lenses, all to great advantage – never taking them off except to replace them if scratched. I’ll do it again when I get a digital SLR for sure!

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