We had a really nice Easter last weekend with the family, including celebrating my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. Lookit how red my niece’s hair is!  

It’s raining babies

We had very a family-filled weekend with house guests and two baby events on Sunday. Chris’s niece, Sydney, was baptized and on Sunday afternoon my brother and sister-in-law arrived in town for a few hours to catch a show, and I got to spend some quality time with my seven (wee!) week old nephew, Magnus….

Happy birthday to me!

For my birthday, I got to meet my nephew! Magnus is finally home and he’s doing great. And apparently I’m one of the first to see him with his eyes open (with a little coaxing from his mama).

I have a nephew!

Word came last night at about 11:30 that my new (and first!) nephew has arrived! Magnus Daniel Mulholland was born at 10:18 pm on September 3, 2008, weighing 8 lbs 4 oz. This has been a difficult pregnancy for my sister-in-law due to blood pressure problems so the delivery was induced after some stress tests…

Bear to be Loved

I have a nephew in the oven. Oh sure, I’ve had lots of seudo-nieces and nephews arrive over the last few years but this one is my first blood-relative real live nephew! He’s due to arrive late in September, which is just perfect because I too am a Virgo and Virgos are pretty terrific. I’ve…